A scientific approach spearheaded by doctorate-level professionals.

A big part of what makes the Compatibility Program such a resounding success is that it's grounded in years of scientific research across a broad demographic spectrum of real live students. The co-founders Andrea Yusim Meltzer and Dr. Kim Rubenstein have trained extensively in the fields of organizational, developmental and clinical psychology. Based upon that experience, they were able to utilize the standards of test construction and validation outlined by leading American professional counseling and psychology associations. In other words, the program works wonders because the two knew what they were doing.

The genesis for Compatibility came when a friend's daughter chose to transfer from a school due to a series of conflicts with her roommate. Ms. Meltzer and Dr. Rubenstein felt compelled to investigate whether this was an isolated incident or a much more pervasive issue. Clearly, the latter was the case.

The two discovered that across-the-board those colleges and universities that devote more resources to first-year student engagement have far better retention rates. Leveraging their combined experience, they endeavored to first develop a tool to promote compatibility among freshman roommates-and then parlayed that success to create similar offerings for peers, mentors and school-sponsored clubs and organizations.

Andrea Yusim Meltzer

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Andrea earned an MBA from the University of Chicago and was President and Owner of Executive Options, Ltd. Her firm was the first in the Midwest to place part-time and consulting professionals in both middle and senior management positions at leading companies. Her 30+ years of business experience includes in-depth training, coaching and leadership development for executives. This skill set comes in handy since she works hand-in-hand daily with the in-house team at Compatibility, service providers, and all of the deans, administrators and commercial housing professionals who use our products.

Her roommate story.
The need for Compatibility was perhaps established the first semester of Andrea's freshmen year at Michigan when her roommate not only borrowed her clothes without asking, but also returned them unwearable.

Insight outside of work.
Andrea adores being a great mom to two daughters, one a college student and the other about to be. She also enjoys biking, awardwinning fiction, cooking, and great times with her husband, family and friends.

Michael Silverman, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Michael launched his career in corporate finance at the public accounting firm of Touche Ross and then was involved with several small manufacturers in both the operational and financial areas of those businesses. An accomplished CPA with more than 25 years of sterling experience, he not only ensures that Compatibility LLC always stays on solid financial footing, he brings a bottom line orientation to the company that also helps make sure our product offerings consistently deliver ROI and superior value to our customers.

His roommate story.
Michael's first Boston College roommate made "Pig Pen" look like a neatnik, had a poster of a sniper rifle on the wall that pointed right at Michael's head in bed, and preferred his music at 100 decibels. Funny, Michael's grades went up when they parted ways before that first semester even ended.

Insight outside of work.
When he's not crunching numbers, Michael loves the crack of a bat as an avid baseball fan. He and his wife have two boys aged 11 and 15 who both play, plus he's a diehard fan of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Sharron Reed

Chief Privacy Officer

Sharron has been involved in the area of Operational Risk for most of her career, most notably for American Express. Among other roles, she served as Director of U.S. Business Continuity and as VP of Operational Risk for their international card operations. In that capacity, she also acted as the Data Privacy Officer for the company's international operations. In fact, Sharron was one of the elite few to sit on the American Express Data Privacy Board. Her efforts contributed to the company's consistent rating in the top 3 (and oftentimes #1 overall) of the Ponemom Institute's "Most Trusted Companies" when it comes to privacy.

Leveraging that wealth of experience, at Compatibility Sharron ensures that each student's personal, private information forever stays that way. She's also our resident "FERPA Sherpa," doing all the heavy lifting required to make sure that our compliance with all the rules and regulations is at its absolute peak.

Her roommate story.
Sharron appreciates the enormous impact a roommate can have on you, either good or bad. Fortunately, her high school had a program to help senior students find that right person. As testimony to the program's success, Sharron's freshman roommate from the University of Texas remains a close friend today.

Insight outside of work.
What Sharron considers a great time is spending time in the "great outdoors" with her family. You'll often find them hiking, kayaking, climbing, camping, or just enjoying their ranch in West Texas. She's also an award-winning fine arts painter and a tough one to tear away from a good book.

Kim C. Rubenstein, Psy.D.

Co-Founder/Chief Product & Research Officer

Dr. Kim Rubenstein has worked in consumer and organizational research, higher education, organizational consulting and clinical practice. She is a faculty member, serves on dissertation committees and is an academic advisor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Courses taught include: Research Methods; Assessment; Interviewing; Intergroup Conflict; Professional Coaching; Career Development and Counseling; Professional and Lifespan Development and Psychopathology. In addition, she served as Curriculum Manager to the Master's in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Specialization department, a role in which she was responsible for the collection, analysis and reporting of both student learning and program effectiveness data. She has participated in both department and institutional academic effectiveness and planning committees and has presented her work at a national conference of The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), one of six regional accrediting bodies of degree-granting, post-secondary educational institutions in the United States.

Dr. Rubenstein is a member of the American Psychological Association and enjoys taking an active board and volunteer role in community programs that serve children and their families.

Her roommate story.
One of the things Kim loved the most about her college roommates was how different they were from each other and from her. Since differences can make a difference, this resulted in many rich, lifelong memories: like endless hours of laughter and silliness, attending ample amounts of live music and exploring the boisterous Buckeye nightlife Ohio State had to offer.

Insight outside of work.
Kim still revels in live music. But she's also enthralled by tennis, random road trips and trying out new restaurants. Yet trumping that all is perhaps her husband who she describes as both "fantabulous" and her B.F.F.

Christian Kirsebom

Vice President of Business Development

Christian brings over 20 years of experience on Wall Street to his role at Compatibility. As a partner with ISIS Capital Management, a private equity firm specializing in the software industry, he was responsible for all the firm's finance activities, including Mergers & Acquisitions and fundraising. Prior to that, he worked for several years at Jefferies & Company where he was a Senior Vice President responsible for the firm's Scandinavian institutional sales and trading business. Likewise, as Senior Vice President at Hambrecht & Quist (now part of JP Morgan), Christian seamlessly managed the institutional sales efforts.

At Compatibility, Christian is involved in all facets of business development, from cultivating new relationships with educational institutions and commercial housing companies to instituting product improvements to forging alliances with new technological partners.

His roommate story.
Christian had his first roommate experience while earning his Candidatus Magisterii degree at the University of Oslo, Norway. In addition to being students, they were both bartenders. The two quickly learned to burn the candle at both ends, becoming so close they eventually started a business together, which again underscores the importance of finding just the right fit.

Insight outside of work.
Christian is just as at home on the ski slopes as he is on a tennis court. He also treasures travel, spending time with his wife and three teenagers and engaging in very animated political discussions with friends.