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It's all about you...

Compatibility learns about you to help you better understand yourself.

1. Compatibility helps connect you with individuals and groups on campus based upon unique blends of similarities and differences that exist amongst all of us to make experiences and relationships work.

2. Compatibility provides you with a simple communications tool that provides specific hints of what to listen for and questions to ask when you connect with a potential roommate, peer, club and organization, or mentor on campus.

Supporting you on your journey...

Transitioning to college life can be a time filled with excitement and worry. You've made a big commitment with a lot of, "unknowns" along the way. Who will you live with? Where and how will you make new friends? How will you manage all the responsibilities of life and school? What will you study, and who will provide the support you need throughout the journey towards graduation?

Start Now.

Perhaps you are moving away from family and friends or choosing to remain at home as a college student. Soon you'll begin taking on increased responsibility for your personal health and well-being; becoming accountable for time management, finances, and academics; and possibly learning to live with a stranger in close quarters. You will make new friends, determine an area of study, and may work, all while trying to create a social life and experience that feels like home.

The Compatibility Program helps you during this transitional time. Our Program is geared towards early engagement and support, helping you identify and build relationships with:

While social media provides many options to meet people, we're proud to say that our program begins with you. Social media is not you; it is a method through which people choose to be seen. According to Compatibility, no one knows you quite as well as you do. We make YOU the expert, and we learn all we can from you, so that anything we suggest is based upon what's important to you and what qualities make you the unique person you've become.

Our expertise allows us to make the claim that it's both similarities and differences amongst all of us that work together to make connections work. Therefore, our recommendations are based upon more than surface trait similarities and likes and dislikes (i.e., shared interests, demographic background, habits, etc.) most often used via social media.

We help facilitate introductions to people and clubs and organizations based upon the underlying traits that make you who you are and combine them with similarities and differences that are predictive of compatible relationships. This powerful formula, combined with the effort that any good relationship requires, is what ensures meaningful college experiences.

Compatibility is proud to support you. ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!