Social Connect Program ©

Promotes early student engagement by matching students to clubs and organizations on campus beyond areas of interest

  • Increased student involvement with campus life leads to greater integration into the social and academic systems of the institution and promotes retention (ACUI, 2007)
  • Matches based on a proprietary, psychometric assessment and matching algorithm developed by doctorate level professionals in research and psychology
  • Motivates students to explore clubs and organizations aligned with their values, personal characteristics and interests
  • Students

  • Suggested matches to specific school and community based clubs and organizations
  • Matches based upon blends of interests, experiences, attitudes,behaviors, and personality characteristics linked to successful outcomes in specific categories of clubs and organizations
  • Promotes students’ social and emotional development
  • Administrators

  • Ease of use and easily integrated into existing technology platforms
  • Share prospective member lists with clubs and organizations on campus
  • Encourage student leaders to reach out and engage viable future members
  • Generates data relevant to Student Career Services