Peer Connect Program ©

Matching students to promote early student engagement and success

  • Utilizes a proprietary, psychometric assessment and matching algorithm, developed and refined by doctorate-level professionals in research and psychology
  • Integrates key personality traits, attitudes, behaviors, and preferences scientifically proven to influence compatibility
  • Matches based upon unique blends of similarities and differences which have the highest statistical correlation with friendship satisfaction
  • Promotes Multi-Cultural and Diversity initiatives
  • Peer Effect and Satisfaction Outcomes

  • Demonstrated success in peer relationship impact upon motivation, persistence, study habits, communication, and self-care
  • Proven results with students of diverse backgrounds coming together, thereby fostering multi-cultural and diversity initiatives
  • Students

  • Empowers students to find and make friends, promoting social and emotional development
  • Generates a uniquely-tailored, descriptive summary of qualities to seek in others
  • Recommends matches with communications tools that define specific traits and behaviors to seek in others, hints about what to listen for, and questions to ask others
  • Provides degree of match with others across categories
  • Administrators

  • Ease of use and seamlessly integrated into existing technology platforms
  • Generates non-cognitive data associated with student success
  • Ability to use data to organize FIGS (First-Year Interest Groups)
  • Unique psychosocial student data informs decision-making for first-year programming and curriculum