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The transition to college is both an exciting and anxious time for the college student, their parent(s) and/or caregiver(s). It's no secret that students and parents place great emotional and financial resources at risk in the hope of student success.

Helping your young adult child create a new home away from home, or even transitioning the home environment into new meaning requires the provision of support for your child's transition to young adulthood. This isn't always easy for a parent or caregiver: when to step in and when to sit back and trust.

College life begins with significant decisions made by the student that will serve as the DNA for future career and life goals. Making sure these decisions are informed can make all the difference. Knowing a student's options are based on meaningful data can help a parent or caregiver trust the process.

The Compatibility of specific relationships on campus is a bridge to helping students find their home within the campus community. Much like you worked to help your child see how much they matter in the world, these relationships continue to help the student see their value within a broader community.

We know (and our research confirms) that students who have established compatible relationships early in their college experience are better integrated into the social system of the school. As a result, increased levels of goal and institutional commitment can be expected, not to mention increased happiness in the communities in which they live, study, work, and socialize.

Key relationships that matter:

With the advent of social media, students now have the ability to "meet" and "friend" others. These methods for matching and meeting serve to bring people together on similar surface traits but, unfortunately, they provide no statistical correlation to higher relationship satisfaction.

In fact, housing administrators report that students are using information from social media to inaccurately prejudice their appraisal of potential roommates positively or negatively, resulting in more requests for roommate changes. Compatibility combines the best of both worlds. Provide the student with informed choices. Let them choose.

Developed by doctorate-level professionals in Research and Psychology over years of research, our tools are the best out there for helping students identify those relationships on campus that have the strongest likelihood for success.

Compatibility is a method for learning about students so they can learn about and better understand themselves. Students are provided with individualized communications tools and recommendations to use in making decisions about relationships that matter. In fact, our method is reliant upon the unique blends of similarities and differences that exist amongst all of us most associated with compatibility in relationships.