Mentor Connect Program ©

Unique matching algorithm for promoting meaningful connections to peer, faculty and alumni mentors and advisors

Mentoring is a valuable strategy to provide students with the emotional and instrumental support students need to achieve the goal of a college degree (IHEP, 2011)

Peer Mentors

  • Scientifically-based assessment and algorithm that generates recommended matches that are based upon unique blends of differences & similarities
  • Provide academic and social support for student engagement and success
  • Promotes personal and professional development
  • Utilize student contributions to enrich the academic community at large
  • Faculty Mentors

  • Matching increases the likelihood of successful student engagement
  • Enhance student faculty communication and support
  • Create mutual goals and outcomes
  • Increase faculty engagement
  • Alumni Mentors

  • Engage alumni and students to enhance the academic community
  • Academic major and career decisions heavily influenced by alumni-student relationship
  • Career exploration and job search enhanced by alumni-mentor experience
  • Promotes alumni commitment to the school